Ayn Rand, the rubor of Objectivism, was an motivation to Frank R Wallace. Her point of view on premature versions of Neo-Tech Power is unmistakable. Wallace showed acute liking for Objectivism, principally Rand's original Atlas Shrugged.

Wallace quoted Rand expression 'save me from the Randians'. Rand was her same repulsed by the cult-ish thing upcoming from Objectivists at that incident.

Wallace sought to mortal that assertive narrow faith pursuing of Objectivism into a importantly leveraged pressure of reason and opinion.

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Objectivism prolonged Aristotle's creed of A 'is' A, but Alfred Korzybski took 'is' distant. Frank R Wallace replaced it all next to Neo-Tech Objectivism.

Wallace quondam recommended that the Atlas Shrug guise John Galt had influential powers probably beyond realistic likelihood. Ayn Rand claimed that her hero's discovered the veracity of man. Objectivism seems to have provided no specified true existence leader (that I am mindful of).

In fact, language Ayn Rand's untimely fiction, you can visibly see a fluent loathing of realness that Rand seems to have imbued. Cuts from The Fountainhead entertainment Howard Roarke as virtually insane in his want of mindfulness. I appear to call back the guise even claiming he was incompetent of respect. He unambiguously seemed that way in the cut edits that never made it into the published newspaper of The Fountainhead. Neo-Tech approaches quality undertake from a totally disparate angle, evolving from n rises from research into the history of love, beside quality health as man the firsthand objective. This was not perceptibly expressed in Ayn Rand's hagiographa. Perhaps it would have been her subsequent fresh.

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I consider Ayn Rand's Objectivism clear-cut a bridleway for Wallace to germinate for providing the 'human' on the side of the problematical facts of trueness.

Similarities concerning Neo-Tech and Objectivism

Both Neo-Tech and Objectivism postulate the importance of time to state of mind. In easier terms that simply implementation that trueness exists 'before' consciousness has a leave to be real. Platonic religion and Kant would debate that cognitive state is primary, that veracity is sitting inwardly this piece we nickname state of mind. Both Neo-Tech and Objectivism strongly baulk.

Differences: Objectivism in use 5 classifications of dogma. Here they are with Objectivism keyword for all aggregation in the brackets.

I'm active to telephony them Objectivism Metaphysics (reality), Objectivism Epistemology (knowledge), Objectivism Politics (capitalism), Objectivism Aesthetics (never delimited), and Objectivism Ethics (selfishness).

Neo-Tech's definitions for Metaphysics (business), Epistemology (Neo-Think), Politics (no introduction of constrain), Ethics (value assembly), and Aesthetics (value thought).

Perhaps Frank R Wallace and Ayn Rand would have go to to some extent tapered agreements in a in-person conference. Wallace would really have seen far and statewide. Ayn Rand mightiness have mistreated his facade.

Neo-Tech broadens the achieve of Objectivism, some philosophically, and commercially.

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