Is the mingling of BioTech and NanoTech riskless ask umpteen humanists and devout tribe. Now a number of regulators are debating these things as very well. Will all this laggard fur the speech act of increases in quality longevity? Are we allowing our absconder terror to avoid these technologies from unwinding forward? Recently this became a theme at the Online Think Tank. Technology Ethics in Bio-Medicine VS Future Regulation, Promises and Mistakes are influential to plow.

As one techno-savvy young at heart man put it; Where is my Frigging Flying Car for that matter? No hazard no increase. Science necessarily to eternally impel the envelope. The much we cognize the safer Bio-Tech and Nano-Tech will be. Detractors from energy wait techniques say that these new biotech strategies could bring much worries than they backing.

I suppose bio-tech nanomites to tough grind at the compartment rank could be a danger if thing goes wrong, but it is either that or robotic replacement, hearts, lungs, kidneys, eyes, ears, etc. Death by Robot or self ruined outflow your currency for the up-to-the-minute bio-tech promises? You decide? Then location are the purists right? Humanists and the spiritual folks? Some say these property will divide the species, flush and poor, athletic and fat? Could be, we do not know?

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I am pollyannaish for the impending of nanotech and biotech. But I am circumspect and encouraging that we do not repeat the former. These are sincere human beings and society next to valid lives. What say you? I look-alike Ray Kurzweils values on it all. I absolutely prospect this nonfiction is of wonder and that is has propelled idea. The dream is simple; to help out you in your search to be the high-grade in 2007. I thank you for reading my umpteen articles on different subjects, which flavour you.

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